Children’s Activities

Put magic in their feet

Magic Class One: 2 to 5 year olds. 10.00am Saturday mornings
Your first session free!

A starter class with fun dances, rhythm exercises and mime classes
Parents are allowed in class

Magic Class Two: Under 8’s. 10.45am Saturday mornings
Fun dances and training for IDTA rosette awards in Latin, Ballroom, Disco – Freestyle and Sequence

First Time Dancers: 8 and over. 11.15am Saturday mornings
Various Freestyle / Dance Exercise / Rock ‘n’ Roll / Latin / Ballroom and Medal Classes: Until 2.45pm

Join our Dancing Family Morning every Saturday and give your children the mental and physical exercise that helps them to learn co-ordination and skills but above all learning to dance is fun for all ages from 2-90. We also take our work very seriously.
Learning to dance exercises other skills such as communication and co-ordination in a friendly way.